ASCE7-10 Windspeed Design Values Now Available is now offering ASCE7-10 windspeed design values which include *MRI 10, MRI 25, MRI 50 and MRI 100.  It also includes the design windspeed values for Category I ASCE 7-10 Windspeed Map, Category II, Category III & IV ASCE updated values shown in chapters 26-31.
* Mean Recurrence Interval

The difference between ASCE7-05 and ASCE7-10 windspeed maps is that the latest edition provides strength-level design wind forces. This means that the load factor previously used of 1.6 is already incorporated into the wind speed 3-second gust (mph) value. ASCE7-10 windspeed maps also provide multiple category maps which has eliminated the importance factor from the wind design. is a spinoff of and is the site that offered design wind speeds in an online format back in 2008 to easily obtain design windspeeds used by architects, builders, designers, engineeers, etc.  The reason to offer this service started because two (2) structural engineers from Johannessen & Leone Associates saw the need to obtain these values quickly and accurately.

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